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user defined groups adding and receiving

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Hi Team.

We were using quickfix/j for receiving the trades from third party
platform, from this previously we are not receiving custom groups data
recently users were trying to put the custom message that can be used for
some other purpose. We are able receiving the data but not able to find any
api to capture and parse the data with the api.  So some one can help me to
understand how the acceptor will send the custom group data and at the same
time how to get the same data by the initiator.

After searching from the internet got some idea but not sure whether it
will useful or not( currently we don't have the test environment). Suggest

quickfix.fix42.MarketDataSnapshotFullRefresh.NoMDEntries group =
  new quickfix.fix42.MarketDataSnapshotFullRefresh.NoMDEntries();

Madhava Reddy Bollu,

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