multiple SocketInitiator in the same java vm, possible trouble?

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multiple SocketInitiator in the same java vm, possible trouble?

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I am preparing to integrate an open fix based service in a more complex J2EE application which runs in JBoss. My application will consist of several Initiators to different markets. I was able to do all initial tests, connect, send and receive messages using simple separated applications but now I need to integrate with the J2EE application. I will be using a system in which each session will need be managed separately (start, stop, enable, configure). As far as I understand the architecture, the *SocketInitiator as implemented in the initialize function connects to all the session at the same time and then uses either multiple threads or a single thread to handle the connections. I was thinking to use a different SocketInitiator, with a different configuration file for each of my sessions. Can this cause any problems (threadsafe !?) as all the code will run in the same JVM? Has anyone used something similar? Or maybe I have missed some session management functionality in the openfix itself?

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