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Mohammad Kamran Liaqat
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Hi everybody....
I'm not getting any messages whatsoever in the client and server MESSAGES log files.Follwoing is the code for the message I'm sending to the server,,,shud I be receiving this message somehere inside any methid of my application??

void sendMessage()
             Message message = new Message();
             Header header = message.getHeader();
             header.setField(new BeginString(" FIX.4.1"));
             header.setField(new SenderCompID("sender"));
             header.setField(new TargetCompID("target"));
             header.setField(new MsgType("D"));
             message.setField(new OrigClOrdID("123"));
             message.setField(new ClOrdID("321"));
             message.setField(new Symbol("LNUX"));
             message.setField (new Side(Side.BUY));
             message.setField(new Text("Cancel My Order!"));

        catch (Exception e)

If you need the cofig files being used on both sides,,plz let me know..

thanks in advance...


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