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InFIX 2.0 Released

Michael C. Starkie
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I am the author of an open source Java project called InFIX on GitHub. InFIX is a one of it’s kind FIX message transformer and it would be a great accomplishment for me if the project had more contributors, general usage, or feedback.  Providing native support for QuickFIX/J is something that I think would be worth exploring.

The main benefits of using InFIX are:
*    InFIX can apply rules written in an expressive text language to a FIX string at runtime and transform the message pretty quickly.  This makes on-boarding clients easier and reduces developer involvement in the process because it can apply changes on the fly from rules set up on a per-client bases offline.

*    InFIX can parse a FIX string and return a map for which every field in any FIX message can be uniquely addressed as a single lookup in a completely unambiguous way including repeating fields.  Accessing fields by traversing lists or any other non-constant time operation is eliminated.

*     The InFIX message map can be serialized and passed between applications regardless of their knowledge of any specific FIX implementation.  Because InFIX messages are all the same type, programming with them is much easier than using the strongly typed objects that come with many open source and commercial FIX engines.

You can read more about it here

You can also try it out here

Michael C. Starkie

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